Write an essay on a memorial(The Four Treasures of Study(Chinese) : writing brush , ink stick , ink slab and paper), that represent the value of individual stories or a specific cultural value or both. The memorial can be a film or other media. Use an article from JSTOR,ERIC or Google Scholar as reference.

Taking what you need from your culture
How a culture memorializes what it values
How we define those values and ourselves through art


“Culture is a realm of images, ideas, sounds, and stories. It is our shared space. It is the narrative we are immersed in every day. It is where people find community and express their deepest-held values, where, as Eduardo Galeano puts it, ‘the collective symbols of identity are memory: the testimonies of what we are, the prophecies of the imagination, the denunciation of what prevents us from being’ are circulated. It is where what Abraham Lincoln called ‘pubic sentiment’ is formed. And moved, like a wave.” Jeff Chang. Who We Be. New York: St. Martins’ Press, 5.

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