Psychology Extra credit assignment

I have a somewhat complex order involving basically a research essay on three somewhat specific articles but of your choice from the list below. I understand some of the articles may be difficult to find and if you need me to provide them I can do so. I am willing to pay extra if that is necessary but please let me know as soon as possible. The assignment is due on Monday December 5th. here are the directions from the teacher for the assignment:

This assignment provides you an opportunity to research and write about psychology topics that interest you. There are four simple steps to follow: 1. For the topic you selected, identify and obtain THREE (3) peer-reviewed articles from respectable psychology journals for each subtopic below. I suggest you review the chapters in your textbook to identify interesting topics pertaining to the domains below. a. One article reflecting some aspect of developmental psychology b. One article reflecting some aspect of social psychology c. One article reflecting some aspect of abnormal behavior
Note: For the purposes of this assignment, editorials, newspaper, or brief (e.g., 1-3 page summary or commentary articles) are not acceptable articles. Psychology Today and The New York Times are not acceptable “peer-reviewed” journals, but The American Psychologist, Child Development, The New England Journal of Medicine, or JAMA, or the Journal of Abnormal Behavior would be examples of acceptable peer-reviewed journals.
An easy way to search and retrieve articles is from the APA PsycARTICLES or Academic Search Premier databases using the SBCC library [Databases and other Electronic Materials]. Another way to retrieve articles is to simply visit the library and go through the stacks of (paper) journals. You may copy the articles and submit the copies along with your write-ups. (Using this method, you don’t need to send PDF files of the articles because you will submit print copies of the articles.)
2. Retrieve the actual articles (from, for example, the PsycARTICLE database). To retrieve an article, select the “Full-Text PDF” button. Be sure to retrieve articles in PDF format. Save this PDF file to your computer because after you write a summary, you will e-mail me this PDF file with your write-up. Then, be sure to get the complete reference for the article. [If you need assistance using the databases, please ask help from a SBCC librarian.]

3. Write a short (2-page, double-spaced) summary for each article in your own words. Do not cut/paste and do not use quotes! Use your own words. Put your name and CRN# on your write-ups. Note: If you turn in an extra credit written paper, use MS Word and save the file in RTF (Rich Text Format). Use the format below to guide your write-up.
Write Up Format for Each Article 1. Author(s); Name of Article; Publication Date of Article; Publication (Journal); Volume and Number; Page Numbers. [You may obtain and copy a complete reference in APA format using Google Scholar’s “cite” button].
2. Summarize each article (2-3 pages per article). a. What question(s) did this article address? What is the main concern of the article? b. What conclusions did the author(s) draw? c. What evidence did the author(s) use to support their claims? d. Are there limitations of this study? What future studies are suggested to address the limitations of the current study?

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