qualitative and quantitative research methods

You have been hired by executives at an international airport. With a state grant to develop more international tourism, the airport is expanding its international reach and hopes to join the ranks of the most highly rated international destinations in the world. The airport already has flights to and from several European destinations, but is now adding flights from carriers from the Middle East and China. In addition to more visitors from those regions coming through the airport, employees from those airlines will now be working alongside the mostly American employees.
Your job is to understand those cultures so the airport can be marketed and managed properly as a destination of choice for these international visitors.

1. Develop two research strategies to gain more information about the cultures and the markets. These plans can be qualitative and quantitative. Identify at least 10 research questions, data needed to answer the questions, methods for collecting the data, and how you would analyze them. Explain how your research plans will aid in creating a marketing plan to reach the two new markets.

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