Use the Capterra website to search for Medical Practice Management Software.

Go to Type in Medical Practice Management Software for the type of software in the Search window. Perform a Search. When the Medical Practice Management Software search results come up you will see a list of the Top Medical Practice Management Software Products using a five (5) star rating. 1. Review the list of top products. Find a product that has a four (4) star rating that has been reviewed by more than 300 reviewers. 1. List the product name and vendor name. 2. How do the reviewers rate the product on user friendliness? Explain. 2. Review the product’s profile. Answer the following questions about the product: 1. List the ways the product is deployed. 2. List the ways that training is offered. 3. List the ways the product is supported. 3. Review the features checklist for the product. 1. List 5 features that a doctor’s office would need to run the medical practice. 4. Scan the product reviews and read the comments. If you were the practice manager evaluating this product identify 2 comments that you believe would influence your decision to purchase this product and explain your reasoning.

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