Ethics, Values, and Decision-Making

There are a series of questions and case scenarios on page 66 of the Birkenmaier textbook (under “Other Exercises” #9 ). There are 5 questions to be answered for each of 14 scenarios. Pretend you are a group of social workers meeting to consult on one another’s cases. Each of you should come to the meeting ready to present one of the 14 scenarios to your partner/s, seeking their advice on how to best handle the situation. Choose a scenario that you find interesting or that you are not sure how to handle. Example: You chose Scenario A. Pretend it happened to you. Say to your colleagues, “Last week I was having lunch at a restaurant with a co-worker. We were at a table in the main dining room and there were lots of other people around us, within earshot. My co-worker began speaking disparagingly about a client who she finds challenging. She didn’t use the client’s full name, but I felt uncomfortable. What do you think? Is there an ethical issue here or should I not worry? I didn’t want to say something to her and make things uncomfortable between us at work.” Then, with your colleagues, discuss the five questions. When you’ve come to an agreement on what to do in your scenario, change roles and have your classmate present his/her scenario to you. If there are three of you, you will discuss three scenarios. Chosen Senario: Your client of six months has revealed that he/she has begun to experience romantic feelings for you. Answer the following questions in regards to the above senario: a. What is the ethical issue? b. What are the values of the client system? c. Are they in conflict with your values? Social values? d. What strategy would you use to resolve the situation? e. What would you do?

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