Develop as a social work leader You may find the NASW website helpful.

Being a Social Work Advocate Advocacy and good social work practice are closely linked engaging with clients and client systems almost always involves some form of advocacy. The weekly summary topic is intended to enhance and expand your knowledge, understanding, and the application of advocacy in social work practice. Often, students focus on advocacy only in their work with individual clients, but social work advocacy is more complex than good direct practice social work. Instructions For the weekly summary, you will need to identify advocacy efforts relative to your agency, population, and/or field of practice at each of the following levels (one level of practice per summary, for example Week 1 may focus on family advocacy, while Week 3 concentrates on organizational advocacy): Individual Family Group Organizations Community Your summary should clearly identify which level of practice the advocacy involves, and the rationale for that choice. You may not necessarily be directly involved in the advocacy action, the purpose of the summary is for you to demonstrate an understanding of advocacy at all levels of practice. Your Field Instructor is a valuable resource in exploring advocacy efforts. Align your efforts with the 10 Competencies: Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior Engage diversity and difference in practice Advance human rights and social and economic justice Engage in practice-informed research and research informed practice Engage in policy practice Engage with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities Assess individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities Intervene with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities Evaluate practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communitiesClinical Social Workers: Advocates for Social Justice by Anne Marie McLaughlin is an article attached that addresses social work advocacy from a clinical social work perspective that you might find useful.

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