Thought on Writing

Thought on Writing

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   The author said, “Anyone can become a writer. The trick is staying a writer.” This statement is true, and at the same time not true, if addressed from different perspectives. The first part of the quotation, “Anyone can become a writer,” is not true, because of varying reasons. The main reason is that, not all the people have the same ability, talent, or skills. Writing is a skill and talent, therefore, not all people can write, as skills and talents vary among people. For this reason, if the same topic is given to a group of people to write about, there will be an un-uniform performance, as some will score higher than others. Aspects of grammar, organization of the paper, or the supporting idea of the subject will be the differentiating factors between the resulting good and bad papers.

The second part of the quotations, “The trick is staying a writer,” is true.  This is because, having the ability, skill, and the talent of writing does not guarantee one to be or stay good, and be a successful writer all the time. For one to stay a good writer, they must put in a lot of effort and sacrifice. They must have focus in their writing. For example, they should always update their word processor for up-to-date writing, and should also control their emotions and not let their feelings and emotions draw their focus away from the writing process.

In conclusion, writing is not a skill that everyone can have. There exist numerous differences in the writing abilities of different people based on aspects of grammar, language mastery, and organization and flow of work. In addition, only those skilled in writing and are focused, hardworking, and dedicated to their writing will stay writers. This is the most tricky and challenging part.


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