3 A’s of Awesome by Neil Pasricha – A Reflection





3 A’s of Awesome by Neil Pasricha – A Reflection

            I live my life differently today because of my childhood experiences with my parents and siblings. My parents played an important role in transforming me from a stubborn child into a person who adheres to rules and regulations. Considering the fact that they uphold high moral standards, this is what they desired to pass down to their children, hence, they put a lot of efforts in making me be the kind of child they would be proud of. Therefore, today I am a strong-willed person who also adheres to rules and norms in society, as I know what roles these play.

According to Pasricha, the three A’s of awesome include attitude, awareness, and authenticity. I believe I have different attitudes to different situations I face in my life and academics, as these call for different ways of dealing with them. For instance, when I perform extremely well in my tests, I consider it as a platform to work even harder, instead of relaxing. On the other hand, a good attitude has been important in maintaining relationships with my coursemates. This way, I am in a position to withstand even the meanest people whom nobody wants to interact with. Awareness manifests in me, as I am always keen in learning and discovering new concepts in my academics. Just like a child, I am curious and inquisitive, in both the social and academic contexts. This has increased my knowledge in different aspects of my life, and enhanced my intellect. Finally, authenticity makes me love being me, and doing things that I am comfortable with. This includes the choice of my friends, and doing my academic tests and assignments by myself. Having confidence in myself has helped build my personality, and prevented me from being involved in exam irregularities.

All my life has been awesome, and I can look back and smile. Making it to this point of my life shows how much I have accomplished. The school grades I have covered, the mistakes I have learnt from, and the people I have influenced positively, all make me awesome. I love life and all the hurdles it brings, and so like Pasricha, I can talk to people about life, and encourage them to hold onto it despite the challenges it presents to them. This video has motivated me to become an even better person by learning from life itself. I will therefore, consider each event in my life as an opportunity for learning.

Changing lives is my passion. If there were only 100 years left for the world, I would motivate people to appreciate and enjoy life for the remaining period. People facing different life challenges lack happiness and allow gloom to be part of them. I would tell them to appreciate the negative part of life, face it, and learn from it. Seeing people live happy lives despite their bad experiences would be my legacy. One thing about me is that I am awesome because I always try to face life, and avoid being life’s victim. Once everyone discovers this, they will make their life happen and not just let their life to happen without their influence.



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