Customer Relationships






Customer Relationships

1. a. How do you feel about being sold to or managed? What techniques do sales people use that irk you? What techniques really resonate with you? 

                Like many other people, I prefer to buy things rather than being sold to or managed. Encounters with sales people trying to sell to me make me feel that they are trying to convince, manipulate, and lure me into buying their products. Being sold to therefore, makes me feel I did not make the buying decision by myself, as the sales person had a greater influence on my buying decision, when they sit me down and talk to me about their products. They therefore, manipulate my decision.

Sales people have different selling techniques they use to get buyers. Some of these are annoying, while others are just good. Sales people who waste a lot of time on building rapport irk me. I prefer a sales person who values and respects the time of their clients understand their clients’ business needs and offer them good solutions. I also dislike cold calling, as I may not be sure about the caller, and sometimes it is hard to create a connection with a stranger. A good sales person to me is one that approaches me in a way that makes me feel that I am not being sold to, but I am buying. This kind will discuss my needs or desires, and may put in a way to show how the product benefits me. This way, I will feel that their aim is to offer me a solution to my needs, and not just interested in my money.

b. Imagine yourself as a service rep for an automobile company. You work with customers who have bought one of the cars for the dealer to take care of warranty issues, i.e. the routine things that come due periodically. What are some of the techniques that you would use to build confidence with that customer?
What method of communication are you most attentive to? How does this fit with or changing world of communication?

I am more attentive to face-to-face type of communication. This is because it gives me an opportunity to build rapport with the person I am communicating with. Additionally, this form of communication helps me know the reaction of the person, whether they agree with what Iam telling them, whether they dislike it, or whether they are attentive and interested in what I am telling them or not. This is the only communication form that helps me read the body language of people, unlike the other forms where feedback lacks. However, this is rapidly changing as more people today embrace technology. Communication has moved from physical to virtual, where people communicate in chat rooms. 

d. Do Short Reply/response to this:
At times, I received call and/or emails associated with the business that I’m doing business with. Most companies do a better job of allowing the option to release your info being phone number and/or email, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Now, you’re receiving calls from someone trying to find out if you’re interested in this or want to try that. I probably would have wanted them to show up at my door instead. 

This is a case of cold calling, which is common in the business world today. Different people respond to this differently. However, I would prefer if the caller came physically and addressed me. This way, I would get to know all the information about the business, and would help me make important judgements whether to accept or decline the proposal. Important decisions cannot be made over the phone, as this is shallow.
2.a. What’s the difference between hearing and listening? Do you prefer email, voice mail, texting, or talking to a live person? Are things changing?
            There major differentiating factor between hearing and listening is the aspect of attention. While listening requires paying attention to the speaker, hearing lacks attention, as it is passive and voluntary. I listening, the person is actively engaged in the conversation, and has a purpose for engaging in it. in addition, listening is a skill, as not all people are capable of this. This is the reason some people are good at following instructions while others cannot listen and comprehend important instructions.

b. Do Short Reply/response to this: To me hearing is when someone is just standing in front of you looking at you and seems to be hearing what you are saying but they aren’t actually following or taking in what you are saying. Listening is more personable. When a person is listening they are actually comphrending what is being said to them and can respond by repeating some of what you said to let the speaker know they are actually listening. For me, I prefer talking to a live person. I market for the rehab facility I work for and I find it best when I can actually talk to the patient or family member about our facility face to face versus over the phone. 

Despite the rise in communication technology, face-to-face communication remains the most valuable communication form. This helps to build strong business relationships with clients and also allows for social bonding with clients, allowing for a social opportunity. Here, one can make use of non-verbal communication to determine the attention and interest level of the client. Physical communication is also the best avenue for sales people for persuasion and engagement of the clients, without which, the marketing process becomes futile.

c. Do Short Reply to this:
I can talk to someone that hears me but that individual is not paying attention to what I am saying. When someone is listening, they are actively paying attention to what the other person is saying. It’s unfortunate that in today’s world people hear us but only a few listen. I believe that things are changing more and more people rather text or email instead of talking to a live person. I spend at least 8 hours a day if not more in a call center in which I supervise other associates that are on the phone all day long. All of our interaction with the customers is all done via phone and email. In fact our building is not open to the public.

                As noted earlier, meaningful and strong business, relationships are only possible when face-to-face communication is utilized. This company has therefore adopted a rather poor strategy. This denies the chance to bond with clients and create a stronger rapport. In addition, since non-verbal communication lacks on phone, one may not know if the client has understood the message or not, as body language and facial expressions cannot be read or analysed.

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