Theology of Hope: On the Ground and Implications of Christian Eschatology

Thesis Statement
1.0 Introduction about the Author and book
2.0 Summarization of the book
3.0 The Strengthens of the book
3.1 Christian faith is based on hope for future
3.2 Discipleship that focus on Hermenutics
3.3 Proclaim Eschatogical hope for righteousness
3.4 Impact Systematic and Practical Theology
3.5 Impact on Emerging church movement
4.0 The Weakness of the book
4.1 Fundamental principles of Hegal and Marx
4.2 It rejects Eschatology for unrealistic future
4.3 It expectation Jesus resurrection is just a scene in history, it ignores historical event
5.0 Conclusion
Scholarly Bibliography

Above outline for index and the heading in the body of text, request some meat placed on the bone, at least 1 or 2 paragraphs for each heading will be sufficient.

The book on Theology of Hope by Jurgen Moltmann


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