grammar Analysis

For this assignment, you will choose a short, authentic text from the internet (but your text in appendix and write the full sourece in the refrences) and create a set of classroom tasks/activities focusing on a particular aspect of grammar of your choice. Note that you do not need to create a detailed lesson plan for this assignment.

You will begin by analysing the text with respect to its grammar, through which you should identify an appropriate area of grammar to focus on for the classroom tasks. This means that you should briefly analyse the text in terms of preferably one, but at most two aspects of grammar, e.g.: verb phrases, modality, conjunctions, tense, noun phrases, active/passive voice. Make sure you consider common difficulties for English learners. You do not need to analyse every single aspect of grammar in the whole text!

Following the initial analysis, create two different activities to help students discover and practise the aspect(s) of grammar analysed in the text.

Your assignment should follow the general structure below:

1. Introduction (approx 200 words)

a. Which text/area of language you’ve chosen and why (put full text in appendix, line-numbered for ease of reference)

b. Very briefly signpost the rest of the assignment

2. Analysis (approx 600 words)

· This should show analysis of the language in the text in terms of language learning/teaching.

· How you structure it is up to you, but please use headings or other ‘signposts’ to show each area of analysis clearly.

· Annotated texts, for e.g. tense, aspect, modality, clause structure/combining etc. should be placed in a labelled appendix and the important points summarised and exemplified in the main body of the report.

· There is no limit to how many annotated texts you include in your appendices, and these do not count towards the word limit of your assignment. However, they should all be very clearly labelled and the reader should be clearly referred to these at the appropriate points in the assignment.

3. Activities (approx 400 words)

Describe (briefly) and evaluate the activities/tasks you have devised, clearly showing how they relate to your analysis of the text and/or to what you have learnt about that grammar point in the module. The activities themselves should be presented in an appendix, so this section should summarise, exemplify and evaluate rather than present the actual activities as you would use them in the classroom.

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