The Successful of FedEx Corporation

For FedEx Corporation, explain how successful you think it is and discuss the strategic reasons behind that success. Your explanation should include something about the contribution of leadership to the company. Go on to suggest strategies and/or actions for ensuring success in the future.

1. Introduction of FedEx (around 100words)

2. Measurements of Success [A sophisticated but clear discussion of what is meant by “successful” and how this applies to the company, supported by a range of data types.] <>(around 300words)—–Do not only use the company financial report; I need different newspaper sources to support the points. All Data should be within 5-10years and look at how the company has developed over time so don’t look at only the current situation.
For example:
i. Any international reward
ii. Ranking
iii. Market share
iv. Incredibly profitable
v. reliability
vi. Huge sales revenue
vii. Global scale
viii. Customer satisfaction%
ix. Well-known brand name

3. Reason underpinning FedEx Corporation’s Success [key reasons with good, clear explanations. Very good research and demonstration of business knowledge. No need any definitions for the points.] (7 points; total around 700 words)
3.1 Marketing and Brand Reputation
3.2 Trademarks
3.3 Global Reach and Expansion
3.4 Differentiation Strategy
3.7 Intended Strategy of Acquisition ( —–Pleases check if this is right!

4. Justification of FedEx Corporation’s Success

4.1 The Value Chain Framework(around 400words)
4.2The VRIN Framework (around 600words)
4.3 International Strategy Framework (around 600words)

5. Leadership of FedEx Corporation<< evaluation supported by rigorous analysis based on more than one relevant theory.>> (around 500words) <>( eg:Fiedler Contingency Model;Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Theory;Path-Goal Theory;Substitutes for Leadership)

6. Continuation of FedEx Corporation’s Success (More than two good suggestions with excellent rationales based on identified factors.)(around 500words) <>
Please have a look and follow the structure with the sample which I have upload.
Please Have A look with the Assignment Briefing PPT , it included the terms which need to be careful and the requirements.
No more than 3600 words!
Research the company and its business environment using a variety of sources.
No need definition for the frameworks.
No need to use too much academic sources, because this is a report like a proposal.
Answer must demonstrate appreciation of timescales, but not a year-by-year history of the company!
PESTEL or 5F analyses will receive NO marks as they cannot explain company success

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