Brand Performance Measures

This assignment answer the question. Question usually cover some key market analysis techniques and require: (i) performing the analysis using Excel; (ii) reporting the obtained results according to data reduction principles; (iii) discussing the obtained results according to the assignment task/question; and (iv) link your answer with relevant theory, to be supported with appropriate literature. In text Harvard referencing style is recommended.


Due date
Tell the reader what your will tell them. Give them the general idea of your report and save the details
for other sections.
Describe what data you collected and how you collected it. Include any other relevant details about the
data here.
Describe the results of your investigation.
From which countries did the products you purchased originate? How many products came from each
country? Include a table (properly labeled and captioned, just as a figure) with two columns, one for
country and the other for number of purchases. Sort the columns from most to least purchases. If two
countries have the same number then sort them alphabetically.
Make a map highlighting the countries from where products you purchase originate. You can find one
such mapping tool at
. After you create the map, right
click on it, copy the image, then paste it into your document.
When you describe your results, make sure to talk about what the map and table show, and refer to
them correctly (e.g. β€œIn Table 1 we see…”).
Tell the reader what you told them. If you think of ways to improve or expand this research, mention it


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