This analysis may require The textbook “Among Cultures. The Challenges of Communication,” 2nd ed. by Bradford J. Hall, 2005 Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Here were my professors instructions:

View a full length feature/indie film or documentary pertaining to a culture you have interest in but know little about. There are some suggestions for film choices and trailers in Module 7, but you are not limited to that list. Films can be viewed via the Internet, Netflex, Pay per view, in a movie theater, etc.

Watch the film with a friend (preferably from another culture), or family member, or your group members (together or separately), if you chose that option, and have a conversation about it afterwards. For the paper, write about the more interesting aspects of your shared observations and insights about the film and the culture being depicted. What did you learn about this culture from viewing the film that you didn’t know before?

Incorporate 3-5 class concepts/terminology from a variety of course material found in ch’s 4, 5 (optional) in the text, module 3, student discussion posts that are represented in the film in a way that demonstrates your understanding of course material.

Papers are to be 14 size font in Word, 2-3 pages single-spaced (longer if in a group) not including the title page. Put page breaks between pgs. and number them. Use direct quotes or paraphrases from text/mod’s/posts, rather than a single word (i.e. “communication”) that show a connection between what we’re studying and the events/characters/highlights, etc. of the film.

Put these course concepts in bold print and include the author and page #, e.g. (Hall, 24) or mod. #, e.g. (Josselyn, Mod. 3), or some other source from mod’s. directly after the citation in the body of the paper, with a bibliography as well (see below).

A bibliography is required for all class papers to provide complete information about the sources (Hall and Josselyn) you cited within the paper. Use appropriate bibliographic citations (either APA or MLA style sheets) when citing sources including our text & modules. You can use the bibliography in module 8 as a model.

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