The effectiveness of using IWB ( interactive white board) in classrooms at primary schools

This is the essay question, I added some important details.
Write an essay that analyses the empirical literature of a topic of interest to you. Ideally you would select 3-5 articles and write a critical evaluation of these articles in the form of a narrative.

-You should use 3 research papers on the same topic as the 3 main sources for the essay(they must be research papers) I already uploaded some papers but u can change them if you prefer
-The main objective of this essay is to show your knowledge of understanding the educational research structure.
While criticizing the three main sources. you should mention which type of research paper is each one? Focusing on these points:
1-did the writer use positivistic/interpretive approach or is it a mixed methods research ?
2-is it a collative or connotative?
3-data collection method
4-Reliability and Validity of the research
5-you should use up to 2 references from any 2 text books about research methods or research paradigms to criticize any point of the 3 main sources ( here are some books that we can use
– Cohen, L., Manion, L., & Morrison, K. (2011) (7th Edition). Research Methods in Education. London: Routledge.
• Lichtman, M. (2010) Qualitative Research in Education- A User’s Guide. London: Sage
• Muijs, D. (2011) Doing Quantitative Research in Education with SPSS. London: Sage
• Punch, K. (2009). Introduction to Research Methods in Education. London; Sage.
• Robson, C. (2002). Real World Research. Blackwell

6-you should compare between (the three main sources) and show any similarities or negative points.
8- you can use subtitle in the essay its better if you use it as the example essay attached
– I will upload 3-6 research papers where you can choose from them the 3 main sources +one literature review paper which helps when writing the introduction I will upload a sample essay for the same question but different topic

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