My Drug Prevention Program- (South Florida Youth)

Term Paper: Write an eight page (not including title page or reference sheet) A.P.A. style paper (double-spaced) outlining a Drug Prevention Program Proposal that you think would be successful in preventing drug use and abuse for our children and/or the society at large. You can pick your population group. You can use your Wilson and Kolander book as a resource to set up your own prevention program. There are examples of what to look for and how to set up a successful program (e.g. pgs. 163-183).You cannot use websites Only academic journals and books. Your drug prevention & education program proposal term paper should include all of the following:
Information that you gathered from each week’s assignment
The target population for your prevention program. In other words, at what point in a child’s life should this program begin and then how should it continue?
What specific methods/techniques would be implemented?
Issues that need to be addressed for each specific group at a particular grade level.
Who should be responsible for implementing the program?
What parts should parents play in their children’s lives to address this problem?
A critical review of the programs already being implemented.

(program based in south florida)

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