Issue Paper/Research Paper Assignment- Honduras Police

Course/title: Public policy- International Police Operations and the Rule of Law

Course Objective/Overview:

Assisting states in transition from the “rule of the gun” to “the rule of law” is one of the most pressing challenges of our time.  Through peacekeeping missions, coalition activities, and bilateral assistance programs, the international community grapples with how best to assist fragile or failing states with the provision of security while simultaneously fostering an environment for long term rule of law development and security sector reform.  This course will challenge students to consider the real-life dilemmas facing policy-makers and rule of law practitioners.  Students will analyze past successes and missteps while weighing and applying options for the future.  The course draws heavily on the instructors’ practical experience.

During the course, we will overview the basics of UN Police Missions and Security Sector Reform and analyze four primary case studies: UN Missions in Kosovo and Haiti, and Bilateral Missions in Afghanistan and Mexico.  We will also cover several “special” issues such as the creation and use of formed/stability Police Units; policing and women, peace, and security; corruption, and other issues or additional case studies as time permits.

We will walk through the steps a practitioner must take to “set up” a civilian police or rule of law mission.  We will discuss challenges in implementation such as vetting and recruiting of police, different training methodologies available, mentoring, institutional reform, funding, and implementation mechanisms.


Research Paper Assignment

International Police Operations

Paper Requirements


Your assignment is to explore and analyze a specific topic of your choosing, related to criminal justice reform. In this case it must be within the country of Honduras.  Your objective is to present a thesis, supporting your analysis and argument with your own prior knowledge, knowledge obtained through class discussions, assigned readings as well as knowledge obtained through outside research. – You may use any resource available to you, not  older than 5-10yrs (internet, newspapers, magazines or journals, academic publications, government publications etc), and so long as it is properly acknowledged and cited. You should have as many sources cited as you need to support the arguments that you make.


Papers should be between 10-12 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 point font.  Papers should include a list of sources/bibliography (the list of sources/bibliography does not count against the page limit).  Please adhere to all paper requirements, including page limits.



  1. For this order you are to write a 12 research paper- explore and analyze a specific topic in Honduras, related to criminal justice reform (See attached Preliminary-research)


  1. It is important that you incorporate course methodology and concept understanding. (See attached “Course lectures” and other reading materials related to the course lectures)- in order to for you to understand the content of the course. Make sure to use key points/ concepts. Substance within the paper is important.


  1. The structure of the paper should be similar to the following


  • Background – not too much on the background. The goal here is to have a neat and concise summary. The shorter the better. Focus on key facts.(don’t drag it out) –should not be longer than 1-2 maximum
  • Issues &Analysis – This should be bulk of the research paper
  • Recommendations – This is also the bulk of the paper- have clear recommendations and clearly state which you are recommending. (Remember that your recommendations are based on the issues and therefore it needs to make sense and needs to be concise in explanation.
  • Conclusion

***Use headers to identify each section. Highlight the thesis of the paper.


– Structure your paper around the thesis and your topic.

– When you talk about roles and responsibilities (for example if you say someone is going to mentor), really make sure that you explain what that entails.

– Also identify what some challenges may be, as well as what it would take to turn the situation on a different level. For example, education. Does the police force you are training, have enough education (can read, write), to be trained successfully by the training deadline (think risk assessment framework).

– When you make a recommendation, think of why and then elaborate.

– This paper is a public policy focus writing paper, which means that it is important to only draw out the most important things and not spend too much time in going around in circles to get to a point.


Fundamentals of Writing:

– It is important that the entire paper is well organized, coherent, concise and to the point.

-The structure of your paper should move smoothly from one point to the next, the same way you want your audience’s thought to go. Therefore, Transitions between paragraphs, recommendations or stating an issue, needs to be well elaborated and explained clearly.

– Do not use filler words within your sentences. e.g. in order to, or I recommend. If you have labeled/header a recommendations section within your paper, do not write “I recommend” within that section- these are filler words and they should not be used.

– Use creative action verbs to start a direct sentence, such as;

Create – Sentence 1

Design – Sentence 2

Implement – Sentence 3

– Your paper should be written in a way that someone who doesn’t know anything about your topic, should be able to understand what your paper and arguments are about.

-*****By any means, do not use passive voice in your writing. It needs to be more active and forward leading

-See attached “SAMPLE_week 8 afghanistan” – this is a good example of how well each section of analysis and recommendations need to be explained and structured.




  1. MLA,Times New Roman, 12pnt



1. As stated above, You may use any resource available to you, not older than 5-10yrs (internet, newspapers, magazines or journals, academic publications, government publications etc), and so long as it is properly acknowledged and cited

2. Use at least 18-20 different sources. If you have more the better.

3. make sure you are citing correctly within the paper and are not using endnotes.

4. Also, provide me with an accessible links where I can view the sources you are using or email it to me directly at

5. Reference page/ works cited page must be formatted correctly

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