Share the Music

Watch two videos featuring the performance of a twentieth century music composition. Your choices must be from the twentieth century classical tradition, such as solo, orchestral or chamber music performances, not pop, rock, or jazz.
Please note that this assignment is not a 20th century performance of music from the Classical era – you should watch videos of music that was composed in the twentieth century. The music chosen for this assignment needs to have been written in the twentieth century, so it is important to NOT choose music that was composed before the twentieth century. John Adams is the composer I would like this paper to be on. For each of the two videos please discuss how those compositions reflect the six basics of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, timbre, and form. Also, please address how the composer’s music reflects the culture and/or time period in which he lived. Be sure to include links to the videos in your response. The videos should be cited in the body of the text and in the reference page. I need a separate title page for this paper.

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