Bullseye marketing nightmare M

You are the VP of Marketing, Apparel Division, for Bullseye Superstores. On Monday morning, you read in the newspaper that the 3WF factory building collapsed in Alabama killing 188 workers.
Subsequent reports: The workers were imported immigrants without papers working in slave-like conditions, 15 hour days, locked in dormitories beneath factory, no exercise time, paid in food & “privileges.”
Doors to factory were locked which is why so few escaped. Next day’s paper has picture of factory. Bullseye shirts, with Bullseye trademark, are clearly seen in the debris. You learn the factory was a vendor of Bullseye. Bullseye had hired a firm (ChekIt, paid $250k) to vet the vendor’s working conditions and reported that 3WF was a “4 star” vendor (of 5 stars), meaning it was safe & dependable

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