Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotion

It’s TV watching time, one of the easier assignments in our class

Watch one hour of prime-time television and answer the following questions. You will need a watch or clock with a second hand and undivided attention during commercials.

1. First, tell us when and what channel you watched. Any special circumstances you can share with us, like friend who joined you? Pets reacting to a commercial, like singing along? What else? Paint the picture!

2. In a one-hour (full 60-minute) period, how many minutes were devoted to advertising? How were they distributed throughout the hour?

3. How many commercials were 60 seconds long? 45 seconds? 30 seconds? 15 seconds?

4. Were there any other commercial lengths?

5. Was the same product advertised more than once during the hour? Were the commercials identical?

6. In a “pod” of several commercials, do you feel that one position is strongest? Is being first the best? Is being last the best? Why?

7. How well do the commercials fit with the program? Do the programs and the products have similar target markets?

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