Public relations in the age of globalisation(case study of Malaysia airlines)

This is the master degree level of dissertation, the research topic is Public relations in the age of globalisation(case study of Malaysia airlines). I have choose Interview and content analysis as the methodology to conduct the research and result. The findings and analysis parts have genuinely done, I will upload the introduction, literature review and long with the research findings parts after the payment as well as those research journals and references. However, the details of data collection and limitation will given later on the chat room. Here are the rules and specific guidelines needed to follow. Methodology This should be an explanation and evaluation of your underlying philosophical approach to the research and the chosen approach and methodology. You need to explain why your chosen approach is appropriate to your question and how it will inform the nature and quality of the findings and conclusions. Similarly the selection of particular methods and techniques should be evaluated in terms of how appropriate they are for this research. Advantages and limitations of the approach used should be discussed. You should include: Decisions made about the data required for the study (What types of data did you collect? What was your sample? Why?) If it is an empirical dissertation, the instruments used for their collection (interviews, focus groups, documentary analysis etc.) How the data was collected (where, when, what format) The researcher-participant relationship and how this shaped the data (if applicable) Ethical considerations relating to the method and how these were managed Limitations of the methods used and how these were taken into account

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