Imagine the visit – imagine what you did with the client, how you worked with the client, and what the client said or did.

Students will use a case study (of their choice) from the text Diagnosis & Treatment Planning Skills (Schwitzer & Rubin, 2015) to create case notes for an imagined session with a client using one of the documentation styles presented in the text DSM-5 In Action (Dziegielewski, 2015). Students must utilize APA style in writing and must include the name of the case and a proper reference to the case in their reference page. *Many students tend to over-think this assignment. I’m asking you to pretend that you’re the social worker treating the client you choose, imagine that you have seen the client for a session in your agency, office, etc. Next, write a clinical case note using one of the formats described in the book or module (Note that most real agencies use SOAP or DAP, so those are very good to practice). This does not have to be long – in fact, if it is not concise enough, you’re probably doing it wrong. Three pages should be more than plenty. Even though this is a case note, you must still use APA 6th edition formatting – which means that you should have a title page, page headings & numbers, a reference page, and that your work should be done in Times New Roman 12 pt. front, double spaced with indented paragraphs.

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