1) Prepare to make a presentation about the president Ronald Wilson Reagan including: a. Name, place and date of birth, and death b. Date he was elected. c. Early life – his life before the presidency (please make sure to cover his life before he became a president, and dont forget to mention he was an actor).

American History (The President Ronald Wilson Reagan) Here are the directions that the instructor sent to us for the assignment: d. Period of time he served the presidency. e. Vice-president. f. Important events during his presidency. (please make sure to cover the important events very well) g. Post residency ( cover just the main events after he finished his presidency) h. Please Include some pictures that are related to the events. Also if you can include a link that includes a short YouTube video of one of Reagans movies when was an actor, that would be great. 2) Give credit to the sources you used for making this presentation.

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