Position Paper 2

Position paper outline

The Basic Structure
Paper is only 1 side of 1 page, usually 250 words. (Most professionals who read these papers only have time to glance over 1 page. That’s why they are short) I will count the words so don’t try to use headers, pictures. Etc. Your name on the top and week.
Paper must be single spaced to fit the words on 1 page.
This is your power argument. These papers are used across the world to influence others on their feelings on a subject.
Three paragraphs per topic: Introduction, Argument with factual support (sometimes two if you make intro and conclusion shorter) and conclusion
• The first section should be an introduction to the topic from your perspective. What is the history of the issue? Why is this issue important? This is the shortest and least important section of the position paper.
• The second section should be an analysis of the topic from your perspective with sound facts intertwined as support. How is this issue viewed? Do you have supportive evidence? What are the strengths of your argument?
• The third section should be a discussion of a means to finally convince the reader of your POSITION. This is where you can let your creativity and research combine, and begin formulating the kinds of proposals that will later come to fruition in your resolutions.
Each paper must have three sources cited for support of argument with at least one being a source outside of course materials.
Remember to not use first person pronouns (I think, we feel, we believe) – instead, use the state name (Canada argues, the People’s Republic of China thinks)
Do not start paper with yes, I believe. Write the paper as if you are presenting this to readers who do not know anything about the topic. This paper is not to answer me, it’s to share your view.
Use the active, not the passive, voice
Do not use a reference table.
Include statistics when possible.
No pictures.

Use the outline as a guide to answer this question

Does the Electoral College System disintegrate the public’s choice for president?

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