Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Topic: An examination of the relationship between breastfeeding trend and breastfeeding friendly work environment in Hong Kong from the perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Important to note
• This is an Accounting degree; this works about Ethics – CSR.
• Plagiarism must be under 5%
• Stage of Submission is: Topic submission (Table 1) (July); First Paper (Aug); Second Paper (Oct)
• The mark is going by 2 paper, with same topic. First is 1500 words proposal brief is done, comment (Table 2) attached already. According to the comment on First paper, we are doing the second one is 5000 words dissertation.
• Comment marking scheme attached (Table 3)
• Tone and Style have to be similar with the First paper.
• Most of work should be re-use (but have to modify) from First paper especially validity (it made by lecturer) and Literature review, which have good comment.
• Methodology is a part to focus as it is fail in the First paper.
• Use Secondary Data Only
• Use 2 Charts
• CSR use classic peer reviewed paper
• Breastfeeding research use most updated data paper, need keep to update.
• Introduction and clear justification have to be improve.
• Wide range kind of sources
• Harvard Referencing Style MUST be use.
• Article provided for reference only, can use or not depends on writing.

• High demand on effective communication between us.

Step 1) Review Table 1
Step 2) Review First Paper (very important), follow tone & style
Step 3) Review Table 2 with Table 3 (Literature review can be re-use)

After all
Step 1) Plagiarism check by
Step 2) Spell check
Step 3) Grammar check by
Step 4) Ensure words count
Step 5) Double check all referencing is correct cited and correctly included or deleted.

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