Research and Case Study Paper Analysis: Improving Sustainability in Design

The sustainability of design objects has preoccupied a variety of individuals and groups, particularly since the 1960s. Select an individual, design group, or company that tried to change or improve the sustainability of design and the built environment (physical and/or digital) in some way and research and write a 750-word (2½ to 3 pages) paper exploring their ideas, successes, failures, and legacy. You may want to consider the following questions in selecting you topic and conducting your research:

• What problems did they address? What were their goals? What were they trying to achieve?
• What sustainability solutions did they propose? How did they think design should be? How did they think things should look? How should things be made? How did they propose to move design from its contemporary state to their ideal state? How would that work?
• Were they able to enact their preferred sustainability solutions? Why? Why not?
• Were their proposed solutions successful? Why? Why not?
• Did they design or make things? If so, is there a relationship between their designs and their ideas? How do their designs reflect their ideas? Do their designs show the limits of their ideas?
• Did others follow up on their ideas? What is their legacy?
• Do you agree with their goals or like the things they designed?

All papers must include proper footnotes and bibliography in appropriate Chicago/Humanities format

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