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Assignment 1: Research Proposal and Contextual Background

Due October 22 (at the beginning of class)

Worth: 25%

Please print in 12-point font. Double-spaced. Single sided.

Please number your pages. Staple together.


Oral History: “A type of recollection in which a researcher interviews a person about the events, beliefs, or feelings in the past that were directly experienced.”



1. Statement of your purpose: (2 marks deleted if not included)

  • Identify what you would like to more fully understand in your oral history (2 sentences maximum)
  • Draw from the following topics:
  • a) The experience of immigration and settlement of an older woman
  • b) The experience of a single mother raising 2 or more children
  • c) The experience of a modern daughter raised in a family with very traditional attitudes and expectations of girls and women


2. Review of related literature  (8/25)

  • What do other researchers/scholars have to say about the topic?
  • In 3-5 sentences, briefly discuss 6-8 scholarly articles or texts related to the topic area.
  • Describe the main theme and/or the author’s point of view


3. Discussion of Contextual Background: (12.5 /25)  (4-5 pages)

  • What are the key themes, issues and debates related to your topic?
  • Combine the themes, issues and debates into an integrated discussion to be written in essay format.
  • The ‘essay’ should set the context and background to understanding your oral history interview participant’s experience.


4.  Interview guide: (4.5/25)

  • Draft 8 -10 open-ended questions you will ask your research participant
  • (Guidelines for questions to be distributed)

–  You don’t have to do this part for the proposal. This one has to do it with the final paper.


5. Annotated Bibliography: (3 marks deleted if not included)

  • All the texts and resources used in preparing your assignment should be listed with appropriate format.
  • Please note that each text discussed in the Literature Review should be 3-4 sentences.
  • 8 academic sources.

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