Insect collection

Your collection must have 10 insect orders and 10 families. You must include 5 beneficial
arthropods and 5 agricultural insect pests. Two of these 10 must be accompanied by prey or
damaged material and a short explanation of the damage, host, and if the arthropod is a pest or
beneficial species. The specimens you select to fulfill this requirement must be labeled as such.
If the damage is perishable (fruit or vegetable) a picture (taken by you) can be submitted. With
the exception of the 5 agricultural insect pests, ALL specimens must be adults. • Minimum of 25 insects total within 10 orders and at least 10 families
• Include 5 beneficial and 5 agricultural pest insect specimens
• Include 2 samples of damaged or prey material
• 3 ecological sites must be sampled (rural, urban, forest, aquatic, etc.)

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