Moral Obligation and Social Rationality of Government: The Affordable Care

Topic:Moral Obligation and Social Rationality of Government: The Affordable Care
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Your review must provide (1) full reference of the article (2) thesis of the work (3) discussions of the evidence to support the thesis statement (4) significance of work (5) an explanation of whether or not you agree with the points raised in the article (6) the conclusion drawn by the writer of the article, and (7) your own conclusion after reading the work. Also you must have an Outline of your paper to hand in!!The Term Paper should be 5-7 pages long (excluding title and the reference page). Use at
least six scholarly sources with a minimum of three books (at least one in paper format)
and journal articles (from library databases such as InfoTrac, Academic Search Premier
or JSTOR). You may consult only one authoritative website (homepage). Using more
than one website will lower your grade. (There is no limit on articles from library
databases). Do not use general encyclopedias including Wikipedia. Make reference to all sources within the text (APA or Turabian style) to show how you have used them. A
paper that does not cite sources will not receive a passing grade. Merely listing sources
at the end of the paper is not enough.
Assignments must represent the student’s work. Any language that is not your own
must be clearly indicated with double quotation marks (“….”) or single-space indentation.
Cite sources for language and ideas borrowed from others. Footnotes should cite only the
books that you have actually used. Violation of these rules is considered plagiarism and,
whether major or minor, will result in the student failing the course. Please refer to the
University’s Code

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