In 1000 words, first, describe each physical aspect, and explain how it influences consumers service expectations and their service evaluations. Then, explain whether the physical evidence overpromises or under promises what the firm can deliver.

Servicescape of Qantas The document type should be a report only, I have chosen Book Report because only Report was not available among the list of document type. You are more than welcome to use pictures and tables to make it look more attractive and readable. Qantas is an Airline business in Australia. Collect all forms of physical evidence that Qantas uses to communicate its messages to customers and manage their expectations. Please elaborate on your reasons and justify your answers. Please refer to uploaded document for further details. Marking Criteria must taken to account while writing the report. An additional document is uploaded as marking criteria. Report length is 1000 words please don’t go over 1100 words as I will penalised. It is highly recommended to use relevant pictures or tables.

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