While childhood vaccination rates are high in Australia, there are still a significant number of children who are not immunised.

One explanation for this outcome is said to relate to parents health beliefs. Critically review literature on the health belief model and its role in parents attitudes towards vaccination. Further, discuss some of the alternative theories that seek to explain these attitudes, along with their strengths and potential shortcomings. Finally discuss the practical implications of the research you have covered in your essay. 1st reference Smith, P. J., Humiston, S. G., Marcuse, E. K., Zhao, Z., Dorell, C. G., Howes, C., & Hibbs, B. (2011). Parental delay or refusal of vaccine doses, childhood vaccination coverage at 24 months of age, and the Health Belief Model. Public Health Reports, 126(2_suppl): 135146. doi: https://doi.org/10.1177/00333549111260S215

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