How the Federal Revenue and Expenditures has changed since 1960.

This paper needs to talk about how the federal budget, revenue, and expenditures have changed since 1960. The way it needs to be set up is by decade so (1960-1970, 1970-1980,….2010-Present). In each decade you need to break down where the revenue was coming from for example what percent was from personal income tax, social security, excise tax etc. Same with Expenditures and how the budget was laid out (how much was allocated to defense, infrastructure, welfare, pensions, healthcare) You can use charts and graphs in the essay however not many. Also when you use them refer to them in the essay and make sure all data is in current dollar amounts not constant. During each decade you can talk about how political factors affect the revenue and budget like for example a war might have increase expenditures on defense. Make sure to be as detailed as possible using data about revenue and expenditure numbers when talking about each decade. Then to finish off the paper you need to pick a component of revenue or expenditure and analyze it.

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