Mark Twain – The Golden Age

This assignment is to write the first five paragraphs of your research paper and turn them in on Monday, 11/4. This assignment must include the following: (1) your description of the good political life: (2) identify that one aspect of the good political life that you are going to write about, why it’s important, what you hope to “prove;” (3) a description of the method you are using – theoretical integration with its three parts (normative, empirical, and prudential); (4) identify the political philosopher(s) you are utilizing; (5) identify the “mass/popular” journal article you are using (6) include one Chicago style footnote; and (7) attach the “mass/popular journal” article you are using. These are seven requirements; any missing piece will result in points being deducted from your overall score.
Paragraphs must be at least four sentences in length.
(1) through (3) could easily be the first three paragraphs. Paragraph 4 might be a description of how your aspect of the good political life “should be” (the normative), and paragraph 5 would begin the description of what the situation with your topic actually is (the empirical).
You have considerable liberty to arrange the paragraphs to your liking. You could, for instance, begin your paper with a story or anecdote that would precede your description of the good political life. Be creative, but include the seven requirements. The philospher to use is Mark Twain. I only need this part by Friday or Saturday 11-1 or 11-2. Everything must be done Chicago Style and there has to be at least 1 foot note Then the rest of the paper we have until November 15 or 16 to finish. I would like the 5 paragraphs as soon as possible so we have a chance to look it over. If you note in the instructions the article to use needs to be attached. If you have any further questions you can call or send me a message. Thank you

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