The Legislature and Foreign Policy: Comparing the U.S. Congress and the British Parliament investigations into the intelligence reports of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq.

Structure Guidelines.
Introduction. The introduction lays out the specific research questions, the context of the paper (e.g., systems theory, domestic sources of foreign policy, diplomacy and negotiation, alliances and international organizations, etc.), and provides a brief overview of the paper.
b. Theory. This section lays out the theoretical framework that guides the case study. It discusses the relevant theoretical literature and derives from it a set of hypotheses that are researched in the next sections.
c. Narrative of the Historical Case/cases. Brief description of the facts and the historical processes. Be sure to discuss the actors, the problems, and the facts that are relevant to the analysis, and not provide unnecessary information.
d. Analysis. This section applies the concepts, approaches, ideas, and methods entailed in the theory you are using on the historical case/cases. Be sure to relate the analysis of the case to specific hypotheses that you had specified in the theory section. The key question here is whether and how the facts of the case support or contradict the hypotheses. Also, it is useful to say something about if and how the theory helps explain seemingly inexplicable aspects of the historical case.
e. Conclusion. This section summarizes your findings and whatever other conclusions you derived from the research. You can also point out shortcomings or advantages in the theory on the basis of your study of the case. If there are policy implications, please mention them.
f. Bibliography. List all of the sources you cited or relied upon in the paper, and only those sources that are referenced in the paper. If you used additional sources that were not explicitly referenced in your paper, do not list them in the bibliography.
Citation Guidelines
The general rule for citing or referring to sources in the paper is to use the author’s (or author’s) name/s, the date of publication and the page numbers in parentheses next to the argument that refers to a particular source.
The bibliography should list all the sources referenced in your paper in alphabetical order. The rules for citing in the bibliography are the following.
(Books. Author’s last name, author’s first name and middle initials, year of publication, book title (in italics or underlined), edition (if more than first), city of publication, publisher.)

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