1. this whole paper is focused with these bold words, so you have to answer bold words with sentences (location, setting, weather, etc…) the bold words are located at the “guidelines for your field project paper” I will upload them soon.
2. you need several quotes from the book, and I will upload the front cover of the book to notice your(if you really don’t have this kind of book, I will try to upload several pages)
3. For the map, S1 means the first “sage” in the “field exercise: biogeography at Whittier narrows” paper, and I will upload these documents. B1 means the first berry(coffee berry). Eb means elderberry(S2 means elderberry two)
4. there could be a lot of information from the “field exercise: biogeography at Whittier narrows” as needed to answer the bold questions. So, please pay a great attention to it.

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