Ethics case

You are a qualified accountant. You have been asked, by your line manager, to complete a costing exercise with a very short deadline and limited resources. You think that the president of the company is planning to use this information to restructure the company, including making some of your close colleagues redundant. You are worried that your work cannot be robust enough to be used for such a big business decision, but your line manager is putting you under a lot of pressure to complete the work quickly. Please complete an essay at least 5 paragraphs in length addressing the following questions: Could you maintain an unbiased stance throughout, in view of your close relationship with your colleagues? Can you realistically produce a costing, with the time and resources available, without compromising the standard of your work? Given the sensitivity of the situation, you should maintain discretion and not share your concerns with other staff, who may not be aware of the president’s intentions.

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