Resource Breakdown Structure Exercise

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This project will consist of refinishing an unfinished basement to a finished basement for a single family home.

Learning Activity #1: Resource Breakdown Structure Exercise
Estimating project activity resources is imperative for project success because this process gives the project manager a way to plan for all the necessary resources necessary for completion. Resources can include people, processes, and tools and sometimes include a Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS). Combining the estimation of activity duration or time, the project manager is able to make the project schedule

When building a schedule there are a number of resources that the project manager has to consider for success across the project lifecycle. These can include various combinations of people, processes, and tools. It takes much time and effort to develop a schedule that considers all of the resources that a project manager needs to use.


For your course project, create a Resource Breakdown Structure that shows all the resources needed to complete the project. The RBS is very similar to the WBS discussed in prior weeks; however, it is resource focused instead of activity focused. The WBS developed in Week Two will provide a basis from which to develop your RBS. Present the RBS in a graphical manner and provide a one-paragraph introduction as a frame of reference for its creation and reasoning for resources chosen.

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