Peacekeeping Logistics / 7 different topics

Note: the instructor need at least 350 words for each topic below and two reference.

1. “Debate this!” Choose the basic concept (self-reliance, lead member, force logistic support group, or civilian contract support) that you believe would prove most effective in establishing logistical support for a UN peacekeeping intervention into Syria. Be prepared to defend your choice.

2. “The game changer ” Explain how the UN’s strategic shift toward public/private partnerships and a multi-dimensional peacekeeping approach is proving a game changer for logistics planning. Identify a partnership that impacts logistics planning considerations.

3. “Bridge over troubled waters ” Assess UN capabilities for rapid deployment by identifying one strength and one challenge or limitation, using a real world example as evidence of each.

4.”Show me the money! ” Evaluate how the activities, procedures, and responsibilities required by the UN for financing logistical support ensure adequate funding and prevent waste, fraud, and abuse. Offer a real world example that demonstrates a challenge in financing logistical support.

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