Eating disorders and media effects

The goal of the Proposing a Solution Project is to convince your audience to either become more informed and, hopefully, take action to aid the oppressed or solve the existing problem. Fear of a future problem does not count as an existing problem, already affecting the lives of individuals on a regular basis.Youll make a claim that some action should or ought to be taken. Your solution will be a step in a positive direction for the oppressed; in other words, you will become an advocate for victims of the problem. By focusing your argument on one specific community-based problem of oppression, you will be responding to the frequently asked question: But what can we do? Direct your solution to specific audience such as the oppressed, your classmates, or other community members in a position to make change happen.The genre of this assignment is a public-facing argument; however, you will determine the specific form of writing you produce. For example, you could decide to make: a YouTube video, a podcast; an infographic; a recorded speech like a TEDTalk; an op-ed article for FIUs Beacon newspaper; write and perform a protest song; compose a formal letter addressed to a local official involved in the matter. Your audience can potentially include your peers, but you should determine who would be the best direct audience for your proposal or information. The exact length of your project should appropriately fit your specific genre and audience expectations. Videos and similar recordings should generally last between 4-7 minutes long in order to cover enough content.
All Proposing a Solution Projects, regardless of genre, must be submitted* with the following: 1) a reflective forward explaining how you utilized rhetorical strategies (such as audience awareness, ethos/logos/pathos, etc.) to complete your project and build your argument. How did your research and your understanding of audience,purpose, and genre inform your choices for the project? How did you use the appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos as you composed your final project?

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