Create a maximum of 5 slides for a presentation on a design thinking case assigned by the instructor.

Respond to one question per slide. Make slides visual and include enough text so that the reader understands relevant content but is not overwhelmed by information. Keep your responses short and to the point. Case: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. How did PepsiCo incorporate Design Thinking into their strategy? How did they get buy in from their own employees? Did they succeed in fostering a culture of creativity and innovation? What do you think the limitations of this strategy are for PepsiCo? What are some of the challenges and advantages SMEs could face in trying to adopt a similar approach? If you were to bring Design Thinking into a business you run, how would you build change into your strategy? redefine value for your employees? foster a more creative, innovation culture? N.B. Be sure to define the industry and size of your business (hypothetical or real). 7. What, in your opinion, are the biggest obstacles to companies adopting Design Thinking as part of their strategy? 8. What, in your opinion, would be your own personal limitations when it comes to driving innovation and Design Thinking initiatives within your startup or organization?

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