Every culture has a nationally know individual who has made a positive contribution to society.

For this assignment you must submit a tyoed paper,minimum of three pages,describing such person.The format will be as follows:
1. Identify and briefly describe the cultural background that you have researched.
2.Select and identify one person from the cultural background that you researched,that made a significant,positive contribution to society and has a book or substantive publications written about him/her.This person shoukd be nationally recognized.
3.Provide information about the persons contribution to society and if possible how his or her cultural background inpacted his or her contributions.Describe what impressed you the most aboht this person.
4. Be sure to use MLA style for writing the paper.You must use in-textr references to give credit for ideas and quotes which are not your own. You also must provide a Works Cited Page.

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