Doing business in a specific foreign country. The Country is Canada

The country is Canada

12-page guide detailing the different aspects of doing business in
a specific foreign country. It must also include the
development of an international strategy plan for a product or service.

1. Define your product or service (new product or used product or service) must give it a name.

Existing product or service (but new in the industry).

2. Describe your country using (Geert Hofstrede) (Worldwide Governance Indicators)
(Corruption Index, Transparency Corruption) Human Development Index).

3. Define purpose of going abroad. What market are you targeting. What is the cost of developing property in Canada. It could also be a non-profit company. Why you want to expand the life cycle of a product or service in Canada.

4. Define the strategy will it be a joint venture or will it be partnership or will you look for investors.

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