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Research-based Argumentative Essay
For this assignment, you will research a local or a global problem or something you feel passionate about that you feel needs to be brought to our attention.  Using your research, you will then develop an argument addressing this issue. You will develop an original point of view on your topic, and support your argument with evidence from your research as well as your own personal knowledge of your topic.  Your goal is to convince readers of the validity of your point of view regarding the topic. To persuade your readers, you will need to have researched the topic and synthesized the existing information. Think of this project as a script for a documentary film: what is an issue you feel people ought to be made aware of?  What are you passionate about?  By all means, personalize this assignment.
Your paper should meet the following guidelines:

•    Format:  Your paper should be a six (6) to seven (7) page paper, double-spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font.  Adhere to MLA formatting guidelines. Page length requirement DOES NOT INCLUDE Works Cited page.
•    Content:
A.  Provide a clear thesis (claim).  What are you examining, and what is your point of view on the topic?  Please highlight or bold your claim.
B.  Support your claim: Your paper should include at least five (5) credible sources.  All of your sources should be credible and carefully evaluated.  One source must be scholarly.  You may use more than five sources. Be sure to choose sources that will be the most effective in your paper.  Use MiraCosta Databases
C. Use Ethos, Pathos & Logos to prove your claim.  Use a variety of Writing Strategies
D.  Acknowledge other points of view.  Either refute or accommodate these alternative perspectives.
Grading Criteria: I will use the following criteria when grading your argumentative essay:
•    Critical Thinking — You carefully explore your argument within the paper.  You support all of your statements through examples, explanations, and secondary sources; your own voice and perspective are clear.
•    Organization — Your thesis statement makes an original claim and gives your paper direction; you fully support your ideas through quotes and examples; you fully explain ideas; you use transitions skillfully; each paragraph clearly relates to the surrounding paragraphs and your thesis statement.
•    Sources — You skillfully use at least 5 sources (one scholarly) to build your argument and support your statements.  Remember you can use sources you disagree with to build your argument.
•    Audience—You need to choose your own audience for this paper. Make it specific: who would benefit from hearing your argument? Who does it pertain to? It should be written in a way to either persuade them your idea is the best solution to the problem, or at least make them consider your argument as valid.
•    Works Cited — You have properly cited your in-text citations using MLA format; you have used correct MLA format in your works cited page.
•    Format — Your paper is in MLA format; it is typed in 12-pt. Times New Roman font and double-spaced; it is 6-7 pages long; there are few or no spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors.

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