Concept of Systemic Risk

(Law school paper (Conceptualisation of Systemic Risk – postgraduate level – Writer should at least be holding a 2:1 Masters degree): This requested paper should discuss the absence of a sole definition of systemic risk and the effect of this on the global economy, in the means of regulating it. The various attempts from respected legal and economic scholars to define systemic risk should be detailed and critically discussed. So, it is clearly a mixture of a legal and economic paper. Any criticisms available in the literature on these attempts should be clearly shown and discussed. The reader of this paper should be able to understand the different attempts of defining systemic risk and reach a conclusion on how can this affect the global economy in a positive or a negative way. This paper is dedicated completely to discuss the concept of systemic risk only.

Please note the difference between systemic risk and systematic risk as they are two different types of risks.

Please note that references should be books and articles from respectful academic journals. The attached list can help to start and go further.

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