Discuss the causes, contributing factors, and any other considerations related to this issue, (including any particular risk and protective factors) from a biological, psychological, social (membership in families, groups, organizations, community) and spiritual perspective (what are spiritual strengths, needs and experiences). Also address diversity considerations (class, race, culture, gender, etc.).

INSTRUCTIONS RISING STRONG PAPER ASSIGNMENT Human Behavior in the Social Environment II Purpose of this Assignment: This assignment relates to EPAS Competencies 1(b), (c), (d), 2(c), 3(a), (b), 4(c), 5(a), (c), 6(a), 7(b), 8(b), 9(b). Description of Assignment: The student will select an issue or topic related to any of the developmental stages discussed in Brene Browns Rising Strong (adolescence through death). Samplings of topics include, but are not limited to: Homelessness, poverty, hunger, social injustice, racism, availability of resources. The student will search the professional literature, the required readings, Browns novel and the text to discuss the chosen topic according to the following guidelines: 1. Give an overview of the issue including: a description of the issue including identification of the stage(s) in which this issue occurs; typical symptoms/behaviors that identify the issue; a typical profile of the person or family experiencing the issue. (20 points possible) [In essence, you are comparing and contrasting what the author and research has found that applies to the issue from a macro standpoint.] (20 points) 3. Choose one theory relevant to the topic and discuss how the theory relates to the topic. For example, explain how the issue relates to Eriksons psychosocial development theory. (20 points possible) 4. Provide a short response to the eleven questions in Browns novel on pp. 256-257. (20 points). 5. APA format. (20 points). Paper Requirements: Minimum of 6 pages of text (double-spaced typed, does not include title page etc.) Minimum of 10 professional/academic sources (limit websites to two from national organizations). You can use books. Make sources as current as possible. Cite all sources in the text according to APA style; reference page in APA format also Typed, double spaced, in size 12 font, Arial or Times New Roman, 1 margin

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