1. Summarize what each of the authors says about the relationship between organized crime (OC), transnational crime markets (TC) and nation states (NS)

Discuss, deliberate, and develop an answer to the following questions. Be sure to explain your answers fully.
.2. ***For each of the readings develop either a diagram or a table that succinctly conveys the main points.***3. Compare and contrast each of these views. How are they the same? How do they differ?4. Which perspective do you think is the most valid? Why?***The links below are for the chapters needed to complete the assignment*** https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jj6e1shkfsus5jp/AAClOz77uZ6EWP8esv48D2Fba?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zmdokijuq6ket2k/AAAnV_n_hj5-e7F_mI_BYdvEa?dl=0

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