Assume you are a policy maker for the New Zealand Ministry of Health. You have been asked to prepare a short report that addresses the question How can economic principles be used to improve allocative efficiency and/or equity of a health issue within New Zealand?

Instructions: Your task is to give a brief report outlining how an economic principle taught in class could improve the allocative efficiency and/or equity in the New Zealand health sector. The emphasis is on demonstrating your understanding of the content taught in weeks 5-6, and applying these to the real-world, the health issue can be broad week 5-6 notes: Understanding market structure is an important part of health economics, both to understand the private or mixed-funding provider markets and the potential need for government intervention through public provision Perfect competition is rare in healthcare, with imperfect competition common due to barriers to entry & assymetric information Imperfect information influences market structure, examples include adverse selection and moral hazard Imperfect competition includes monopolies, oligopolies and monopolistic competition markets. Each can be seen in the real world in health Non-profit markets also have a structure, and various models estimate these Due to the drawbacks (or benefits) of imperfect competition, governments have a role to play in intervening in healthcare markets Due to potential market failures in the provision of healthcare, healthcare provision may not be at a socially optimal level E.g. Market power, inequality, inefficiency, externalities The government might have a role to play in reducing these market failures, and improving the health system Externalities are an important way to understand the reasons for, and impacts of intervention There appears to be a relationship between the public funding of healthcare and healthcare efficiency and equality between countries. Marks are awarded for: ? A brief but informative abstract/introduction (10%) ? A concise description of the health issue, and relevance to economics (10%) ? Detailed description of the economic theory/concepts used in your analysis (20%) ? Detailed application of the theory/concept to the health issue (25%) ? Correct use of tables and graphs to display data effectively (10%) ? Use of evidence to support your argument(s), including thorough citation (15%) ? Well structured, written and formatted report (10%) Full Report structure and guidelines: Report structure Title page: Including title, author, student ID and course number (178.718) Abstract/Introduction: Briefly summarizing the report, including research question and findings. Health issue: Briefly describe health issue you are investigating. Focus on factors that are likely to have an economic impact e.g. What services are provided? What factors are important? Economic concepts: Describe the economic concepts/ theory or tools taught in class. Feel free to include basic diagrams or figures to demonstrate these. Application of the economic concept(s) to your health issue: Apply your economic concepts to your health issue, with a focus on demonstrating your ability to undertake research, understand the material taught in class, and apply it in the real world. Link your considerations back to the economic theory or tools taught in class, feel free to include basic diagrams or figures to show your reasoning. Conclusion: Summarise your report and findings. References: Not included in word limit. Use APA. Report size The research report should be 1500-2000 words, marks may be deducted outside of this range Formatting As a guide, text should be formatted as 11pt Calibri/times new roman font, with 1.5 line spacing and normal margins. Headings should be kept to a reasonable size/font (14-20pts). Referencing Students should use APA referencing, and be sure to provide a source for tables and figures. For a 1500-2000 word assignment 15 references would be expected, drawn from a range of sources, with a particular focus on journal articles

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