Family Stuidies

Stage 1
1a. Identify one conversation about modern American families that interests you (marriage, divorce, parenting, social class, family programs, education, childcare, etc.)
List the one area:

1b. electronically search for 2 or more journals that correspond to your area of interest.
List the journal names:

1e. List a research question(s) that you might use for your final project:

1f. List two or more research articles that explore the above research question(s) (full citation):

This is the first part of your paper. It should be 2.5-4 (4 page maximum) pages typed, double spaced. The paper should include the following:

Research question – what is your question and why are you interested?

Relevant conversation – academic evidence discussing your topic. (at least 2 sources).

The perspective you are using – Ecological or Socio historic perspective and definition of the perspective.

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