comparison / contrast essay

The assignment is simple: write a paper n which by way of comparing or contrasting the main male and female characters [jack stanton, dave kovic, susan stanton, and ellen mitchell] in two films -Primary Colors and Dave. The essay should be six paragraphs long.

Essay needs to have:
1. correct thesis and placement of thesis
2. use of quote, questions, anecdote, working broad to narrow, show the opposite, and show the importance to the reader. place on of the thesis in the begging of the introduction.
3. Each section should have a section sentence that introduces a similarity for two characters. The section sentence should be included as the first sentence in the firsr paragraph in the section.
4. There should be two paragraphs in the section, each with a topic sentence that supports the section topic.
5. As with any comparison essay, you should describe the quality for one character and then show its similarity or difference for the other character. Use comparative terms such as “like, similar to, the same as”; or “unlike, different from, more, less” etc.
6. Use specific scenes from the films to support your ideas.

Please message me before starting the essay

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