Case Study:Student With Special Needs

Complete and essay formed report using APA style writing.

Debbie Young is a seasoned high school principal. She served as a special education teacher and as an assistant principal in a progressive, affluent school district in the South. She is approached by the parents of a severely disabled tenth-grade student. Jonathan, requesting that a full-time nurse be provided under the label of “related services.” Jonathan has multiple disabilities requiring constant care by a specially trained nurse. He is profoundly intellectually disabled, has spastic quadriplegia, and has a seizure disorder. Young refuses the parents request due to extraordinary expense and a view that the school is not the most appropriate placement for Jonathan.

Discussion Questions
1.Is Young’s decision defensible? Why or Why not?

2.Is the parents request reasonable under the law? Why or why not?

3.Is the provision of a nurse a related service if it is necessary for Jothan to receive an appropriate education? Why or why not?

4.How do you think a court would rule in the case? Provide a rationale for your response.

5.What are the administrative implications of this case?

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